There's No Fear When You're Having Fun

Amanda and her team of professionals are here to help you feel your best.  When you come to Mermaid Pilates, leave it all behind, enjoy the music, the movement, and your journey.  Everyone is welcome in our judgement free environment.  

Attire, Cleanliness & H20

Wear clothing that gives you freedom of movement, keeps you comfortable, and happy! 

*Please either go barefoot or wear grip socks in the studio in an effort to avoid slipping.*


Wipes are provided at the studio; please be courteous to the next guest and wipe down your equipment after your session.  In an effort to be environmentally friendly, please bring your own refillable water bottle.  The studio provides a hydration station for your convenience.  


Scheduling & Cancellation Policies

Studio hours are by class and appointment. Advance reservation is required for all classes. 

All Pilates Mat, Barre, & Basic classes require 12 hours notice of cancellation.

All Pilates Reformer & Tower Classes, Private Sessions, and Nutrition Appointments require 24 hours notice of cancellation. 

These windows are strictly enforced; failure to cancel will result in a loss of your class or session.


Please note the expiration date of your package upon purchase. 

Mermaid Pilates is Amanda Kraft’s private practice studio and is open during classes and private sessions according to her  availability.  Availability is subject to change.