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Get Fit, Have Fun



Mat Pilates

Our Mat Classes are derived from the classical teachings of Joe Pilates with all the best contemporary variations.  Strengthen the core, move the spine, develop lean muscle, flow, and SCULPT. Props, such as the magic circle, foam roller, resistance ball, or hand weights may be used to enhance the workout.  


Barre is a fun, energetic, workout that combines dance, Pilates, and cardio that will tone and define the body while utilizing the ballet barre and weights. These classes are just the right combination of strength, flexibility, and calorie burning techniques for that fire workout you're looking for.


Join Basics: Reformer/Tower Saturdays at 9 am to learn all of the foundation exercises so you can eventually join a more challenging Reformer/Tower class.  This class is included in the Pilates Mat, Barre, and Basics pricing options as a means for clients to try the equipment before committing to a Reformer & Tower package. 




Our Reformer classes are Duets (2 people per class).  Each class focuses on the classical Pilates reformer repertoire, developed by Joe Pilates, with contemporary variation for a fun, full body workout. Clients with no experience on the reformer or other apparatus are encouraged to join a Basics: Reformer/Tower class Saturday at 9 am or take a private session before joining a regular class. 


Our Tower Classes are comprised of small groups (5 people per class).  Utilizing the Balanced Body Pilates SpringBoard, your instructor will guide you through classic Tower exercises using the Roll Down Bar, Arm Springs, Leg Springs, and Mat.  A total body sculpting experience that will leave you feeling long, lean, and centered.



Private sessions are one-on-one training, or Semi-Private training (2 clients) with Amanda and her team on the Pilates apparatus.  Sessions are a combination of Reformer, Tower, Chair, and the Barrell system.  Sessions are by appointment depending on availability and are tailored to the client's specific needs, goals, injuries or conditions.  Available in 30 or 55 Minute Sessions.



Initial Consult

At the initial consult you will meet with our dietitian who will assess your current health and nutrition status.  We will discuss any medical history, diet history, eating and exercise habits, and food patterns.   We will also discuss your personal goals for healthier eating habits.

Follow-Up Sessions 

During the follow-up session, you will assess your progress at meeting your nutrition goals. You will discuss areas of success and areas of struggle.  Your goals will be reevaluated and modified as necessary. 

Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

After your appointment with Lauren, this is available as an additional purchase.  Clients will be asked to provide detailed information about food intake in order for Lauren to generate a customized meal plan and coordinating shopping list.