14 Days to a New Beginning

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You’re new to Pilates, Barre, or exercise in general

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Included Workouts:

Basics: Mat Pilates 4.30.20

Basics: Seated/Standing Pilates 3.22.20

Basics: Barre 4.8.20

Simple Yoga & Stretch 3.21.20

Basics: Pilates Arms

Basics: Chair Stretch 4.2.20

Simple Yoga & Stretch 4.4.20

Basics: Mat Pilates 3.24.20

10 Min Booty Burn

Simple Yoga & Stretch 3.21.20

*Cardio* - refers to either walking, jogging, using the elliptical, spin bike, or any means of aerobic/steady state cardiovascular exercise that you have available at your convenience and approved by your physician.


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14 Days to a New Beginning


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