"A fit, healthy body -

that is the best fashion statement."

Mermaid Pilates is happy to offer nutrition services with Lauren Udall, Registered Dietitian.  Available services include consultations, meal plans & shopping lists, weight loss classes, monthly discussions, direct support, and a community of individuals with common goals.  Lauren is here to help you make confident choices, feel your best, and love your body.  Learn more about Lauren's services below.  

Nutrition Appointments

Initial Consult

At the initial consult you will meet with Lauren who will assess your current health and nutrition status.  We will discuss any medical history, diet history, eating and exercise habits, and food patterns.   We will also discuss your personal goals for healthier eating habits.  Lauren will then provide you with nutrition information, helpful tips, recipes, and strategies to achieve your goals.  We will develop a list of goals for you to work towards for you to achieve your optimal health and nutrition.  This also includes a follow-up email to answer all questions.


Initial Consultation

Follow-Up Sessions 

During the follow-up session, you will assess your progress at meeting your nutrition goals. You will discuss areas of success and areas of struggle.  Your goals will be reevaluated and modified as necessary. Available in single sessions or combination packages.  See our pricing page for more information. 

Follow Up Sessions

Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

After your appointment with Lauren, this is available as an additional purchase.  Clients will be asked to provide detailed information about food intake in order for Lauren to generate a customized meal plan and coordinating shopping list. 




Available as part of our Initial Nutrition Consultations

Is mealtime always a struggle because you're making multiple meals? Are you always deciding last minute what to eat and end up with takeout? Do you need help with meal planning and prep techniques?  A family nutrition makeover is right for you!  Your family can meet with Lauren to establish a healthy eating plan for the entire family.  Lauren will meet with one or both adults in your family to discuss your current eating patterns and challenges that you face. Then, we’ll establish action items such as healthy food swaps, recipes to try, and grocery shopping changes. Along with Lauren, your family will design some attainable goals to make your food environment healthier and happier. 

Contact Lauren

Send an email to ask a question or learn more about Lauren's Nutrition Services