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We believe in finding beauty, confidence, and balance from the inside out. 
The Mermaid, a Pilates exercise, is also a symbol of self confidence, power, elegance, and being wild & free.
Our private, boutique studio by Amanda Kraft, certified Instructor and Wellness Professional, offers small group Pilates classes, Private and Semi Private Pilates Sessions, and Nutrition Counseling.
The studio is bright, clean, and has a touch of that "near the sea" feeling.  We hope that when you come to work out with us you'll feel the serenity of our space, meet your physical goals, and always leave feeling like your best self.


Get Fit Fast. Live Your Best Life.




Pilates, a method of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, works to strengthen the deepest layers of the core to stabilize the spine.  With this foundation, the entire body functions efficiently and becomes strong, while the mind is more at peace. From Mat Pilates, to Barre, or Reformer & Tower equipment classes you're guaranteed to lengthen, tone, burn.

Mermaid Pilates is just as magical as the name suggests. The space is cozy, clean, with lots of natural light. Parking is easy (and free). And the instruction! Rebecca made class so much fun, I almost forgot I was getting my ass (or should I say abs?) kicked. If you are hungry for alignment based cues, hands on adjustments, and clear explanations behind "the why" of the exercises, you will leave here happy and full. This place is the real deal. #scoop

Rachel K.

As a weekend golfer I need a strong core and lower back. However, I have osteoarthritis in both knees so I can't do activities that stress the knees. I heard about the benefits of Pilates so I went to a class. Amanda was our teacher and I was immediately put at ease by her command of the exercises and her patience to make sure each of us was doing the work properly. I started taking private lessons at the studio and I am guided through an exercise routine that is tailored to my physical issues. Through guidance and direction I have noticeably improved on my core strength, balance and overall flexibility.

John F.

I had never been in a class before and was not sure what to expect.  I found Amanda to be very helpful in explaining each of the positions according to his/her flexibility and strength.  The hour flew by (with good music too); by the end I felt the stretching had really loosened up the tightness in my body and I was thoroughly relaxed.  I didn't realize how much core work we covered until a day later when the soreness kicked in.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to improve their flexibility and core strength.

Richard V.



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