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Find beauty, confidence, and balance from the inside out. 
The Mermaid, a Pilates exercise, is a symbol of self confidence, power, elegance, and being wild & free.
At Mermaid Pilates, you'll get custom workouts by Amanda Kraft, certified Instructor and Wellness Professional, in a boutique, private setting. 
Amanda offers in-studio Group Pilates & Barre classes, Private and Semi Private Pilates Sessions, and Online Nutrition and Workout Subscriptions to help you look, feel, and be your best self. 
The studio is bright, clean, and has a touch of that "near the sea" feeling.  When you come to work out with us, feel the serenity of our space, laugh, meet your physical goals, and always leave feeling like your best self.


Get Fit Fast. Live Your Best Life.




With Mermaid Pilates On Demand, you will have full access to Amanda Kraft's custom workout library that you can access 24/7. 
Get in the best shape of your life, from anywhere.

Workouts include Mat Pilates, Barre, Yoga, HIIT, Basics, Pre/Postnatal and more. There is something for every level from beginner to advanced. 

Mermaid Pilates is a hidden gem in the heart of Morris Plains. As a beginner, I wanted to improve core strength and flexibility but did not have the confidence (or desire) to join a large studio with lots of activity and commotion. Luckily, I found Mermaid Pilates and it’s been a game changer. Amanda Kraft (owner) has created a calm, intimate environment that’s perfect for learning. Students at any level will find her technical proficiency, passion and results-oriented approach beneficial and rewarding. After only 3 months, I have noticed functional changes in strength and flexibility. As a bonus, my body is beginning to feel longer and leaner and my body image has improved dramatically. I love my sessions and can’t wait to see more change!

Michele B.

As a weekend golfer I need a strong core and lower back. However, I have osteoarthritis in both knees so I can't do activities that stress the knees. I heard about the benefits of Pilates so I went to a class. Amanda was our teacher and I was immediately put at ease by her command of the exercises and her patience to make sure each of us was doing the work properly. I started taking private lessons at the studio and I am guided through an exercise routine that is tailored to my physical issues. Through guidance and direction I have noticeably improved on my core strength, balance and overall flexibility.

John F.

I've tried THIRTY different yoga/pilates studios in the area since moving here a year ago. (Oy vey!) So when I tell you that the instruction at Mermaid Pilates is the best of the best, I'm speaking from experience. Amanda's teaching style is very hands-on (no cheating under her watchful gaze!). So not only are you essentially getting a mini private in a group setting, you're building healthy alignment which is yours to keep even when you're off the mat. Here's to more sweaty Saturdays!

Rachel K.



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